Graduation 2023

We have a limited number of beds available for the UWCRCN Graduation in May 2023.

Accommodation on campus is only available the night of 19th May.
All room bookings also come with dinner and breakfast per person in addition.


We only have the following beds/rooms available, all prices are given in Norwegian Kroner (NOK)

All rooms come with bedding and towels.

Room Type Available Cost
Up to 2 Person Private 0 Rooms 1100 per room
Up to 4 Person Private 0 Room 1500 per room
Up to 8 Person Private 2 Rooms 1500 per room
+ 350 p.p. over 4 people
Shared Room* 13 beds 450 per person

Updated: 06.02.2023 15:10

* A shared room is a large 8-man bedroom, you can expect to share the room with up to 8 people


All bookings will include the the following meals, in addition:
– Catered Dinner Friday night (300kr p.p)
– Breakfast Saturday morning (100kr p.p)

Payment & Confirmation

On sending in your request you will hear back from us within 1 working day.

Rooms available

You will receive a payment link from our system where you can pay for the room.
Payment is taken by card by our payment provider Nets.

Once we have received payment, you will receive an order confirmation within 1 working day, at this point the room is completely booked and confirmed.

Rooms not available

If we have no rooms available, we can add you to our waiting list in case someone cancels. There is no guarantee that a room will become available.

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