UWC connect offers accommodation in the building Thor Heyerdahl (72 beds), and Henry Dunant (18 beds). Henry Dunant also has a practical kitchen and a conference room that can be used as a common living room.


2 beds

We have 6 bedrooms with one bunk bed per room that can sleep 2 people, these rooms also include a small kitchen and a private bathroom.

4 beds

We have 9 bedrooms with two bunk beds that can sleep 4 people, these rooms include a bathroom.

8 beds

We have 6 bedrooms with 4 bunk beds that can sleep 8 people, these rooms include a private bathroom.


We offer two types of prices, «best price» and «flexible price», with the best price you are able to change the booking up to 5 days before arrival but are not able to cancel the booking – payment is made in advance. With the flexible price, you can change or cancel your booking up to 3 days before arrival – payment is made after the stay. More detailed information is available here:

Accommodation Prices

All prices are per room, per night

Meal Prices


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