Trainee Vest at Haugland!

For three years in a row, Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry has come to visit us!

27 trainees in the Trainee Vest program arrived at Haugland to be inspired, to learn, and to start their trainee year with a weekend full of activities!

Throughout the weekend, the trainees were able to take part in various workshops related to the UN’s sustainability goals together with the students at the UWC from all over the world and they learned about the students’ various humanitarian engagements.

At UWC Connect, we believe in the positive effect of meeting different people from different cultures and different point of views and what it can mean for new ideas and perspectives!

Of course, there was also time for fun activities and good food and the students at UWC surprised the guests with musical touches during Saturday’s dinner.

“Together we put the UN Sustainability Goals on the agenda. We hope and believe that the wonderful environment at UWC and meeting with the young students from all over the world have given our newly graduated trainees new knowledge and new perspectives they bring further into their work. No one can do everything, but everyone can do a little. And we must work together to achieve the goals. Thanks to UWC Connect for a wonderful experience”

Marit Warncke, CEO of the Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry