Company retreat at Haugland!

We can offer a lot of adventures at Haugland and we welcome both small and large companies to have a nice and social gathering at Haugland. We customize programs to your wishes and will do our best to ensure that you have a fun and social gathering in perfect settings at Haugland. We can also offer accommodation and meeting rooms with all facilities.

With a wide range of experienced instructors, we are sure we can find a programme fit for you! Below are some suggestions from us.

Suggestion 1:
• Welcome incl. refreshments
• Activity program: multiple team competitions focusing on collaboration and fun
• Pool
• Dinner party

Suggestion 2:
• Welcome incl. refreshments
• Activity program: introduction to one or more activities such as kayaking, climbing, stand up paddleboards, river fishing, archery
• Making pizza in the Bakery House

…and of course, we tailor and customize programs, activities and meals to your wishes. There is a sea of opportunities!

Contact us for available capacity and booking!