About UWC

UWC Red Cross Nordic

UWC Red Cross Nordic is an international college, one of seventeen schools connected to United World Colleges (UWC) in the world. We gather the whole world in a fjord region of western Norway, in Flekke!

The UWC schools welcome students from all over the world, chosen for their personal characteristics, without regard to race, religion, political standing and ability to pay. The school have a main goal of promoting interpersonal respect and compassion. The first UWC school was founded in 1962 in Wales.

On UWC Red Cross Nordic, which was established in 1995, 200 students from over 90 countries share experiences in the classroom every year through activities and in the daily life on campus. The school offers a college programme, International Baccalaurate (IB) and the education lasts for two yeras. UWC RKN has an overall focus on Nordic values, humanitarian and environmental concerns (uwcrcn.no).

The school’s goal is to facilitate students to become active, engaged and educated individuals who, through their understanding of intercultural practice, will become a catalyst for positive change. Throughout the two-year programme it is emphasized that everyone, regardless of background and previous experience, should participate in various outdoor activities, as part of the Nordic culture.

As representatives of their countries we want our students to influence understanding, compassion and peace in their homelands. In short, we want to create a better and more tolerant world.

UWC Connect

We welcome over 2000 visitors to unique adventures on UWC campus every year!

UWC Connect was established in 2015 and is a company 100% own by UWC Red Cross Nordic. We wish to facilitate increased activity at Haugland and we would like more people to participate in the international environment and the diversity of people and activities we can offer. UWC Connect owns and are running an UWC Camp, and all other commercial activities that is connected to UWC Red Cross Nordic. For example sommer camps, other kinds of camps, accommodation, rent of spaces, food services and activities to diverse groups. In 2018 over 2000 visitors arrived on campus, but we still have room for even more! Welcome to Haugland!

UWC Connect aims to be the best Meeting Place for Diversity in the Nordic region by connecting human beings from all over the world together through unique (outdoor) activities!
We are REAL

UWC Camp School

Since 2001 Norwegian children have become acquainted with young people from all over the world at UWC Camp School!

UWC Camp School is own and operated by UWC Connect in collaboration with UWC Red Cross Nordic. Many of the activities at this UWC Camp School is led by the students at the college. They have been trained and closely guided by qualified educators. The meeting between international students and Norwegian school children can provide first-hand knowledge from parts of the world children may not have even heard of. This gives the children a unique opportunity to learn and to expand their horizon.

Through a varied week-long programme, we create experiences that gives the children priceless memories for life!

UWC Camp School is a member of and is approved by the Norwegian Camp Association.